About me


The handsome devil you see before you is Thomas Michael Louis Schalk III Jr. Legally named Thomas Schalk, he’s the kind of¬†guy who likes movies. A lot. To the point where he wants to make movies, write scripts, edit some other scripts, act and even voice act (the latter of which he has some good experience with, hence the username TomStheVoice)

Favorite foods are Burgers and General Tzo’s Chicken.

The best Star Wars movie, within his opinion, is The Empire Strikes Back.

The best non-Star Wars movie is probably something by Chris Nolan (The Dark Knight, Inception, The Prestige, etc…)

A student at CUNY Queens college, his ultimate goal is to become well known for the entertainment arts, along with being known for a decent sense of humor.

A collection of his “Films” (Stick with the recent ones: the older ones are kinda dumb)


A collection of his voice demos


Another collection, but also with some work he’s done



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