Tom’s Lowdown: A warm welcome

Why hello there, curious reader.  Call me Tom.

I’m just a fun, movie loving guy with a few opinions to share. Before I start posting, I’m gonna have to break some ice first. I’d like my readers to understand what kind of movie viewer I am. Let’s begin, and end briefly.

1) Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is the best film ever…PERIOD

There’s no argument here. Feel free to debate, because I actually look forward to them, but be warned. I can write a book on why I am right and why you are wrong and why you stink and why your favorite movie sucks. Nah, I’m only kidding: I’ll just write one on why you’re wrong. Actually doing all that is a lot of work (I’m lazy).

2) Jack Nicolson is the best Joker (But Ledger’s a close second)

(Left) Jack Nicolson's Joker, (Right) The only Joker YOU KNOW


The Joker is one of the most badass villains in the Batman universe, and one of the best villains in fiction. Both the incarnations of the character by Chris Nolan and Tim Burton are pretty damn boss. Heath Ledger’s Joker was excellent, demonstrating a Joker that was no where as creepy and scary as the other ones. It was because he felt so real, and believe it or not, this world is full of crazy people. Maybe not as crazy as him, but it’s still scary.

What Jack has him beat by is his style and class. Yes, that’s the winning factor. He was a classy, arrogant, already kinda crazy guy who was the “second-in-command” for a crime syndicate. Even when he goes bonkers, he still has style and black humor to make him likable to us.

Thing is, Heath’s joker got into your head, which seems like what a real psychopath will do. He’s the most realistic. Jack maintained the comic book personality without being corny and while being able to push it into dark territory.  He’s the closest to the comic book character the movies have seen. I guess it’s what your into.

One thing’s for sure. They beat the crap out of Cesar Romero.

Goddamn cornball


As more thoughts run through this noggin of mine, I’ll be sure to share them.


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